The Panel

The panel

Just like today, this shop window has a product display and a product list.  Gone are the many different posters from different companies advertising their wares, in come a clear panel with bullet points with all the services provided by the shop, in the colours of the shop:

  1. PanelHealth Station
  2. Order Your Fresh Produce
  3. Coffee Corner
  4. Collect Your Parcels
  5. Talking Corner
  6. Conz Carb & Conz Protrein
  7. Friday X-Mart
The Shop Sign

The Shop Sign

Using the out of use metal shutters section of the window, and continuing with the use of cardboard as a material, the shop sign tries to be as attractive as possible, playing with the shared letters to make a very long name short and catchy.

The SignIt even has its own logo:


Only of course it is liable to decay, just like shops are today, only, we do not know in which measure.

Sign Decay